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You’re probably wondering what is elastic8.com and how it can help you. elastic8.com is an unofficial blog about our thoughts and experiences with EC2 (Elastic Computing Cloud) service from Amazon, currently in beta. We’ll write here our experiences using the service, tips and tricks and all sort of nice stuff.

So hang around for some interesting things. Oh, and by the way, this blog is hosted on EC2. :)

I’ve Shared Some of The Cool Tips For You Below

How To Do Domain Forwarding on Amazon’s EC2 with DHIS

So i installed Debian Sarge on Amazon’s EC2 service.

The thing is, Amazon doesn’t give you a static ip address or dns name … so either use a dynamic dns service (something like no-ip, dyndns or any other one) or do your own thing.

I chose to do my own, and found this piece of software . They offer a service too, but i used only the software and installed the daemon on another machine i use (outside amazon). Though Debian Sarge has Dhis in the package collection, it’s an older release which doesn’t work with bind9 so i had to install from source.

Building Fault Tolerance With EC2

Maybe i’m gonna write something comprehensive later on this topic ( because i have to do some reading on the topic), but in the meantime this is a good article on mysql replication and the new possibilities.

Other cool stuff you can do .. when popping up multiple instances because of your site being slashdotted you could do basic load balancing using round robin dns with small ttl values for your dns entries (so you can add and remove hosts on the fly and have the updates taken into account). The dns part is fairly simple to do.




My Initial Quadcopter I Purchased

1415681107.bumblebee-c-quadcopter-with-dji-naza-fc-6287-pThis was actually my first quadcopter I bought after finding out it is quadcopter opinions and I am grateful it did not break each time I flew it into a wall.

Immediately, aerial platform producer DJI introduced its new client quadcopter, the PHANTOM. On smaller cheaper quadcopters, a $5 set of motor and ESC multiplied by 4 is barely $20.

A sport changer in aerial video and pictures, Matrix is new paradigm in super quadcopter designs. Normally while flying the quadcopter, Schmidt mentioned, he might encounter a chook or two flying round it. On that day, nonetheless, a hawk seen the drone. Fortuitously, neither the hawk nor the drone appeared to endure any harm from the encounter.

Distant-controlling the DJI Phantom 2 Imaginative and prescient+ from inside the DJI app. It’s a nightmare you don’t have to handle on a quadcopter.

The Phantom Quadcopter has two GPS-assisted flight modes with the intention to select from. Adopting extraordinarily advanced experience, this RC quadcopter ensures clear and regular flying efficiency.

These are the main parts that you’ll wish to build a quadcopter. In here let us see what a quadcopter is and its basics.

Scaling up the quadcopter design would make them very giant. If neither quadcopter is disabled the winner shall be decided by which quadcopter has basically essentially the most crepe paper streamer remaining on the end of the spherical. OFM SkyView is a complete RTF (in a position to fly) right out of field.

The OFM SkyView is constructed to final and pleasing to fly!

Dji Phantom 2 Review – Primarily the identical airplane as the Phantom II Imaginative and prescient, although without the HD digicam in-built. In case you have a GoPro HERO video digital digicam already, then this (paired with a top quality gimbal ) is your finest wager! I bought these “merely in case” for my DJI Phantom because I hadn’t flown a quadcopter earlier than, and wanted to present the Phantom a preventing likelihood in case I did one thing inadvisable in an early flight. You’ve got gotten come to the proper internet page for those who’re looking purchase a quadcopter for a family member or friend.

This mannequin will not be excellent for learners, however designed significantly for Aerial Photographers & Short Movie Makers. Many shoppers favor this has the go-to-selection of Quadcopters for Aerial Images. The four LED Gentle Mounted on This Biggest Quadcopter For Video Will Enable You For Evening Flying As-Nicely.

As the largest quadcopter specialist, We are able to present particular guidance when you are able to make upgrades or transfer as much as larger extra skilled multicopter applications & aerial purposes. In the case of quadcopters, CG is often positioned inside the midpoint between 4 rotors.

YouTube consumer and software program developer Christopher Schmidt has been taking his Phantom FC40 quadcopter drone out into public areas to fly it across the skies a couple times each week.

To capture 1080p video throughout his weekly flights, Schmidt makes use of a GoPro Hero three+ Black hooked up to his quadcopter drone.

Visit the Drone Retailer to hunt out the proper drone for you. Mine is the unique GoPro, and although the DJI Phantom comprises an open “basket” to carry your digital digital camera, it additionally uses the same GoPro mounting bracket elements, so I saved mine in its GoPro case (for defense) and hung it upside-down from the Phantom.

Earlier than every flight always turn on the transmitter first then plug in the Matrix quadcopter battery.


My favourite setup with the GoPro Hero three on the DJI Phantom is to set it up in order that it does HD Video whereas moreover capturing a nonetheless picture each 5 seconds. I discover that when I do these straight-down photographs that I need to have the GoPro set on the large-angle mode on account of it makes it appear like the quadcopter is far greater than it actually is. I’m significantly considering picking up a DJI Phantom when the hero four comes out.

Schmidt says he would not assume the hawk was harm, and he immediately started maneuvering the drone away so its blades wouldn’t hit the fowl. You will see that extra gratifying in collaborating in with Wltoys Quadcopter or Walkera Quadcopter Don’t hesitate to carry it house now!

I consider we are able to put the kit collectively nevertheless don’t know in regards to the digital camera. I ordered the shaft variety prop adapters that will not work with this equipment.

The flight management board is the ‘brain’ of the quadcopter.

Ghost Drone a brand new GoPro motion digicam geared up quadcopter has launched over on Indiegogo crowd funding website this week offering clients the “world’s easiest drone to fly” say it creators. For more information on Best Quadcopter Reviews Visit our official partner site.

Different Types of Pocket Knives

Pocket Knives are to be around for several centuries as a good and useful tool. These can be used to open the mail or can be used to cut wood. You can get the best pocket knife using the greatest qualities and the length of the shaft and give one to use in the coming years.

Pocket knife is one of the knives the most advanced in the world. Knives are very thin and small that can be worn even while wearing suits or more formal attire does not appear as it should have anything in your pocket it. Women also tend to favor these knives as a result of the size.


There are a number of people, such as the additional features of the knives that come with new tools such as pliers, screwdriver tip and even eating utensils. By far the most famous of them is really a Swiss army knife. A lot of this style knives and contain only one sheet in particular, along with many other tools. Bear Grylls Paracord Knife Review : This Knife Is Designed By Bear Grylls The Host of “Man. Vs. Wild Show“.

Often placed inside a bank card knife wallet along with your credit cards and other remains unexplored. This may also include things like some small tools such as toothpicks so that you could have a knife in his person to get a certain amount to the inside of your pocket. This is not helpful for the use of other knives, but they can provide the ability to use a knife after you required.

It was reported knives, and many others, to use paper and techniques common to allow the blade to close the sufficient voltage is applied. This provides an extra measure of security for the knife. For more information Check-out http://www.thebestpocketknifereviews.com/the-best-survival-knife-top-rated-wild-knives-in-the-world/ page.

Many men and women are connected to prevent razor blades back. These are often longer and more fun heavy and require you to press a button or move the lever to close the paper. When some may be more than one sheet, and most of her patterns and only one sheet.

Achieving tips on how to safely use a knife, as well as the understanding of the laws, it is your duty. Carrying a knife can not be against the law, but different parts of the world has a unique control these walls.

Can be used razor blades to any size diverse functions. Although the value, you need to commit some time to get one can be comfortable with. It should also be seen along the blade for working with paper because they can not work management can cause injury. For detailed SOG Seal Pup Review visit that page linked.

Is It Worth To Invest Your Money In The Spinning Reel?

With regards to spin fishing, you’ll find numerous brands and models to choose from. Spin fishing is very well-known amongst freshwater anglers. Spinning reels let the angler to swiftly and effortlessly spool new line onto the reel. Since spinning reels are open and exposed, the line could be inspected all the time. This reduces the occurrence of gnarly bird’s nests as well as aids the fishermen to see the good quality from the line at the moment getting used. Under, we are going to go more than what to appear for when thinking about the most effective spinning reel on the market today.


Spinning reels are such a well-liked model of fishing reel since of their ease of use. Novices do not need to mess with complex actions and styles. Fishing with an open spin fishing reel is just effortless. For Novices and specialists alike, the spin fishing reel is amongst the greatest choices offered right now. There are many Best Fishing Reels For Beginners available in the market.

There are many variables to think about when looking for the best spinning reel for the money. 1st, the reel physique building is an crucial element. Most spinning reels are created of either aluminum or graphite. Aluminum is far more sturdy, although graphite bodies are more lightweight. Each of those are very critical, as a lighter weight reel will cause less wrist fatigue, but an aluminum physique reel will probably be stronger and more durable.

An additional consideration when purchasing for the best spinning reel brand is the size in the reel. Based on what type of fishing you’ll be carrying out, a specific line size will probably be employed. You can also check-out our list of  best saltwater spinning reel for inshore fishing.

Smaller weight lines and lures will likely be much better suited on a smaller sized framed spinning reel. Bigger circumstances demand a larger reel. The top spinning reel line for each and every reel must be specified with all the reel once you obtain it.

There are many internal traits that also require to become taken into account when looking for a brand new reel. Factors like ball bearings, the drag system, along with the reeling mechanism all play essential roles in the top quality, durability, and functionality of a spinning reel. In relation to ball bearings, the more, the greater. It charges very a bit more for any reel with 7 ball bearings than a reel with four, however the extra expense will be nicely worth it with regards to operation smoothness. The drag on the very best spinning reel for bass fishing may have a smooth drag method, in comparison with a budget reel. They’ll also have a front drag system, that is much more robust and dependable, as opposed to a rear drag technique.



I hope that these guidelines will help you discover the most effective spinning reel for the cash. Very good luck, and as constantly, happy fishing.

What exactly is your favorite spinning reel? What do you take into account the most effective spinning reel for the money? Please your comments inside the section under. Thanks!